A wonderful little sucker

Wolley is a modular domestic robot that you can build and upgrade yourself.

It is currently under development. Follow the progress on Instagram.

Open Source

Wolley is open source, which means that all the documents and files needed for you to manufacture it yourself is accessible by anyone. It also enables you to further develop it into something else or something better. Don't want it to vacuum clean? Why not make it wipe floors instead?

Wolley Interconnect

Wolley is built up by modules being connected to each other by 4-wire cable used for both power and communication. The connectors and pin layout is standardised as Wolley Interconnect and any module can be connected to any other module as long as they both have the Wolley Interconnect receptacle and logotype. All the modules in Wolley are connected by daisy-chaining so there's no need for hubs or splitter cables. It's as easy as it gets.